The Symington Corset

Welcome to the Symington Corset Exhibition Site. Feel free to browse the gallery, timeline, oral histories and information about both the Symington Company and Miss Perry Gold, the matriarch of the workforce, but also the creation and design of the exhibit.

The corset was crafted in 1895 by R&WH Symington, and was one of their higher end corsets at the time.

2014-02-21 14.14

The corset itself is made from black laced white cotton, lined with felt, and features a doubled spoon busk to provide extra strength and support. Both whalebone and cane have been used for the boning, while flat steels have been used to provide support to the back lacing. The upper part is trimmed with scalloped barmen edging, with with decorative sky flossing featured on the front. The waist measures only 21 inches around, and is 13 inches deep, imagine wearing that these days!

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